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Applying for British Music Abroad Funding  

What is British Music Abroad looking for?

British Music Abroad is a very competitive scheme, and currently only 20% of applicants are awarded funding. You will therefore need to make the strongest possible case as to why you should be supported. Artists need to be export ready - meaning that you have concrete plans of what you are going to do when you get there, including:

  • Who you intend to meet with (specific names of people are better than just the companies they represent)
  • How you are going to promote yourself before and whilst there
  • Any pre-existing relationships you might have in the country of the event (i.e. music industry executives that specifically want to see your band at the event)


What can be funded?

British Music Abroad supports up to 75%, or up to £1,500 for a solo artist, £2,500 for a duo, £3,500 for a trio or up to £4,500 for a four+ member band towards:

  • Return flights
  • Transport to/from airports
  • Hotel
  • Per diems (up to £20/person - daily allowance for subsistence/food expenses)
  • Visa applications (if applicable)


Does the band need a visa?

For performing at SXSW in Austin, USA, all UK acts must get an appropriate visa. For information on obtaining American Visas, please go to the Tamizdat or Traffic Control Group  websites. Remember you will need to apply for these at least three months in advance of travel to perform in the USA.


Can funding be given to support the artist manager and crew?

You can also apply for up to £500 towards the cost of a manager to accompany you, to cover those things detailed above.

Funding is only available for performing musicians and managers. We regret that we can not cover costs for tour managers or members of crew.


Will funding cover the whole cost of the trip?

You will be expected to finance at least 25% of costs of the trip yourself or from other sources. Please be aware that we are not always able to fund you to the full amount that you have requested. Therefore, when budgeting for your trip, please take into account that you might not receive the full 75% from British Music Abroad that you have applied for.

When allocating grants, we seek out the cheapest possible flights, transfers and accomodation options at the time of decision. Recommended sites include Skyscanner, Opodo and Travelsupermarket. We advise you to search thoroughly for the cheapest possible options available when planning your trip.


What about Scottish and Welsh acts?

Creative Scotland run their own scheme for international showcase events. Please contact Creative Scotland for more information. Arts Council Wales also run their own programme for international showcase events.


Apply here:

To apply to British Music Abroad, please click here.


If you have any queries, please email 

If you are having problems downloading the Diversity Form from the application itself, please select it from this link: Diversity Form