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Open Funding Criteria

Our open funding programmes are available to any individual or not-for-profit organisation whose project or programme fits with all three of our funding priorities:

  1. to support the creation and performance of outstanding new music in any genre
  2. to develop artists to their full potential
  3. to inspire audiences

You may also find it useful to consult our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Activities we can support:

We can’t support:

Who can apply?


Ineligible applicants:

Why can’t I apply if I’m a company limited by shares?
We are a charity and cannot support companies limited by shares. If the bulk of your activity is not for profit you may apply, but each application is considered on a case by case basis.

We are unable to offer the following:

Support for recordings

In response to increasing demand from applicants, PRS for Music Foundation will now support recording costs through its Open Funding programmes (Organisations & Groups, Individuals and Women Make Music). PRS for Music Foundation will support up to a maximum of £5,000 for recording costs for applicants who meet our eligibility criteria.

Recording costs that we can support:

•    studio recording time
•    producer fees
•    live recordings
•    rehearsal time
•    mastering
•    musician fees
•    accommodation
•    travel
•    equipment hire

Costs we are unable to support:

•    artwork
•    manufacturing costs
•    building a studio
•    equipment purchase
•    recordings made outside of the UK
•    artists based outside of the UK
•    those already funded through our Open Funding programmes in the same calendar year
•    applications made by record labels
•    applications made by venues
•    rosters of multiple artists, such as those signed to the same label or management company

Additional information:

Successful applicants must display the PRS for Music Foundation logo clearly on the release of any recording supported by PRS for Music Foundation.

Multiple applications

Due to demand, from 2014 onwards we can only accept two applications a year from organisations and individuals across all of our funding programmes.

We have previously allowed applicants to apply to our Open Funding as well as other partnership or flagship programmes. This new rule states that you may only apply to two programmes each calendar year.

Examples of who this may affect


If you have any concerns about eligibility, please email us.

Do you still have some questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions page.