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Benny Banks

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MOBO Tour 2012

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Benny Banks is a rapper coming fresh out of Islington, North London and is possibly one of the most talked about UK rap artists around at the moment. He already caused a big hype in 2011 and has starred on Charlie Sloths show on his 'Fire In The Booth' series on BBC Radio 1xtra. Benny has also created a hype through his internet videos via major internet broadcasters such as SBTV, GRIME DAILY, LINK UP TV and his own YouTube Channel with over 3 Million YouTube views on his solo video's online and features in magazines such as RWD and MTV WrapUp.

In November 2011 Benny signed his 1st recording deal wiv 679/Warner and is now working on and geting ready to release his singles and album in 2012.

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