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Logos and Crediting

As part of funding award conditions, you need to use the PRS for Music Foundation logo in any press and publicity material, including press releases, flyers, programmes, posters, emails and websites. Please note that you should also give a link to the PRS for Music Foundation website:


Guide to using JPG and EPS files

JPG Files
JPG (or JPEG) files are mainly used where high resolution and colour perfection is not so vital, e.g. on a website, or for very small printed images. Most basic image editing applications can open and edit JPG files. The advantage of using JPGs is that the file size is usually very small compared to other lossless formats.

Recommended Use: Web Pages

EPS Files
If you're using a logo for printing purposes, it is generally recommended that you use the EPS version. The EPS logos have the advantage of being scaleable to any size, while preserving the detail and resolution. To open and use an EPS you will need software that can handle this type of document, popular choices being Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Quark, or Paint Shop Pro.

Recommended Use: High Resolution Printed Material

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