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Open Funding Application Stages and Deadlines 2015

Stage 1 deadline Stage 1 decision Stage 2 deadline Funding decision date
Mon 2 Feb Tue 24 Feb Wed 11 Mar Mon 27 Apr
Mon 27 Apr Tue 19 May Thu 4 Jun Mon 20 Jul
Mon 20 Jul Tue 11 Aug Wed 26 Aug Thu 1 Oct
Tue 29 Sep Tue 27 Oct Tue 10 Nov Thu 17 Dec



The application form will close at 6pm on the above deadline dates.

Please note: The next deadline for applications will be in early 2016. Full details of 2016 deadline dates will be confirmed in December.

Application process

Stage 1

You will be asked to provide two examples of music and a brief description of your project. We will also want to know how your it fits with our funding priorities:

The main reasons applications are not selected to proceed to Stage 1 are eligibility and competition. To make sure your application is eligible see our open funding criteria. For tips on how to make your application stand out, please visit the Application Tips written by grantees, staff and advisors.

Stage 2

Successful Stage 1 applications are invited to progress to Stage 2, for which you will have 2-3 weeks to prepare.

Here you will be asked to provide further information on how your project fits with our funding priorities, focussing on artist development, long-term plans and audiences.

You have the option to submit another example of music at this stage. We will also request a budget, for which a template is provided. If you’re applying as a group or an organisation, we also ask that you send us a balance sheet or bank statement.