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Women Make Music Testimonials

Here’s what some of our Women Make Music grantees have said about their experience of this fund:

“Women Make Music enables and encourages women to get the confidence they need to make steps to play live and record. It’s a unique opportunity to develop a career with the agenda being creative ambition first and foremost.”



“I was really grateful to get the Women Make Music grant. It eased the load on a tight budget project… Women Make Music fund has a high profile, so if you have been part of it people take notice.”

Jessica Curry


“Without the Women Make Music grant I wouldn’t have had such full control. I would have had to rely on established industry practices that often doesn’t respect creative direction from women… I was able to bring on board people I wanted, people without gender barriers and I could say how I wanted the album procured and the compositions arranged.”

Carleen Anderson 


“It’s such a prestigious fund and a terrific endorsement to be chosen for the gran, Women Make Music give a really positive signal to female artists.”

Dee Byrne


“It’s enabled me to become a more experienced writer and has helped me receive the exposure I would never have had if it weren’t for this opportunity which I am very grateful for.”

Yazz Ahmed 


“Without the funding I would not have been able to build on the momentum I had started to generate in 2015 with the release of my first EP.”

Michelle O Faith 


“It was a tremendous confidence boost for me to be awarded funding from PRS Foundation for my solo project.  I felt (and still feel) extremely grateful for the support.”

Liz Liew 


“Some composers only hit their stride in later life, sometimes only after having children.  The fund is particularly valuable because it does not discriminate”

Sadie Harrison


“Women Make Music means that a spotlight is thrown on and attention drawn to women music creators, specifically.”

Only Girl