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SXSW 2013

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Leaving the lonely nighttime streets of London for the mountainous landscapes of Austria, 
multi-instrumentalist and producer S O H N (pronounced Sonn) draws his inspiration from the 
dichotomy that exists between the two. Reacting to Vienna’s legendary immersive electronic 
scene, S O H N has created a sound that blends his haunting vocal stylings with a backdrop 
of analogue drum machines and synths, mixing the worlds of old and new together to create a 
foundation for his tracks. Aside from emphasising the soulfulness of his voice, S O H N’s 
lyrics play upon the space that exists within language, twining his vocals around the gaps 
between sentences, and reclaiming the importance of words. Further contrasting the old and 
the new is S O H N’s artwork, which has been created using the beautiful analogue images of 
Italian photographer Christian Pitschl.

Debut tracks Oscillate and Warnings went online a few weeks back, and S O H N’s debut 
release, The Wheel, follows up on their haunting vocals with the same pervasive feeling of 
loneliness, a song that reflects the isolation of London but combining it with a more 
fulfilled sound and a renewed sense of peace and confidence.

While SOHN played his first live show at Eurosonic in January 2013, he already counts Mary 
Anne Hobbs and Huw Stephens among his fans.

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