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Projects We've Funded > Talent Development Partner 2017: Snape Maltings

Talent Development Partner 2017: Snape Maltings

Talent Development Partner 2017: Snape Maltings


Snape Maltings Talent Development Programme

Snape Maltings offer artists the time and space away from everyday life to recharge their creative batteries. Spending time on their creative campus at the world famous Snape Maltings Concert Hall site, artists have access to resources and the support of an expert team to pursue their projects in a completely safe environment. Experimentation and risk taking is actively encouraged! The PRS Foundation is helping support the unique residency opportunities they offer.

The organisation love to work with creators who are pushing their own boundaries, and the boundaries of their art. The only limitation is that there must be some music involved; they look for pursuit of a new artistic goal that their unique support can push towards success. Residency artists and projects range from contemporary classical music to African and Caribbean, jazz, electronic, opera and everything in between, including other art forms too.

On their creative campus, they craft a melting pot of creatives with the chance to experience a wide variety of other activity, where new collaborations, ideas and partnerships spring out of spontaneous meetings.

A key part of the Residency programme is the Open Session – creators are required to share their work in whatever format is useful to them. It could be a full performance, an open rehearsal or a work-in-progress with discussion.

Snape Maltings is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty in the East Anglian countryside, and it’s no wonder it inspired so much of Benjamin Britten’s work. Come and experience Snape Maltings for yourself, and see how it inspires your creative practice for years to come.


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