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Projects We've Funded > Talent Development Partner 2017: Nusic

Talent Development Partner 2017: Nusic

Talent Development Partner 2017: Nusic


Nusic C.I.C Talent Development Programme

Nusic stands for New Music and Notts Music, it works on both levels, genius we know! We help Nottinghamshire musicians at the start of their career, mainly (but not exclusively) under 26. We cover all genres, it is one of the main reasons we started doing what we do. Our main focus are artists dreaming of developing to a level where they make a living from music (that they have written themselves), and how we can help to increase their chances of doing that. Our experience is that with talented musicians willing to put the work in, there are a number of ways you can help at the start of their career, that can make a significant difference.

We’re active in four main areas. It is the Support area of what we do, where we are working with PRS Foundation. Our Academy project sources info and resources, and facilitates contacts, to help musicians start their careers. Specifically with support from PRS Foundation we will be doing more, and bigger, Workshops which will allow us to create more opportunities for musicians to learn from, connect with and give their demo to, industry figures from across UK. Plus we will do Surgeries where musicians can get One on One advice from specialists such as music lawyers.

This will offer Notts musicians the chance to acquire the knowledge, skills and contacts they need to get to where they want to take their careers, in particular via people they wouldn’t normally get to meet.

Academy Website

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