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Projects We've Funded > Talent Development Partner 2017: The Warren

Talent Development Partner 2017: The Warren

Talent Development Partner 2017: The Warren


The Warren Talent Development Programme

The music scene in Hull has been exploding in recent years and we feel we have had a massive hand in helping it along. The Warren has long been a part of local history and over its 33 years has offered a FREE recording studio to thousands of local artists. But it wasn’t until the launch of Warren Records in 2009 that things really started to take off.

Built on a huge collection of local music and knowledge, Warren Records set out to raise the bar in Hull and help unite the scene towards a strong music and arts infrastructure. Influenced by our values and philosophies we started a record label alongside our studios that would not only offer a recording service but an environment for creative output and skill sharing. A project that would go out of it’s way to support local creatives and offer a platform and a stepping stone to the wider industry. We offer skills, knowledge and support built on years of experience working with the industry and the arts scene. We have built up a lot of trust both locally and nationally to deliver a high quality of work and help people reach realistic goals while setting the standards high.

Warren Records has played a vital and prominent role in delivering numerous successful festivals in Hull and across the region and has been the driving force behind major campaign events such as Hull’s Love Music Hate Racism initiative.

Warren Records has supported hundreds of young people in many areas including: Songwriting, Recording and Performing skills; Confidence building; Industry knowledge; Graphic design and Presentation; Photography; Film-making; Promotion; Event Management; Online portfolios; Touring; National connections; and Breaking down barriers.


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