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How to get involved in a Partnership Programme

Getting Nominated

Getting nominated is just a formal way of saying ‘getting recommended’. You can’t apply for one of our partnership programmes unless you get recommended to us by one of the independent advisors we work with. Having been recommended to us, we approach you and ask you to apply for the programme.

How does the nomination process work?

The nomination process is a 4 step process and it works like this:

1. We ask our nominators for their recommendations.

We reach out to individuals we know and trust in the world of new music relevant to the Partnership Programme in question and we ask them to recommend or nominate people they think would be best suited to participate in the programme. We don’t advertise the names of our nominators to make sure they don’t get lobbied on a daily basis!

2. We ask the ‘nominated’ people to apply.

We approach each of the recommended people and ask them to apply for the Partnership Programme. To apply they use the same kind of form that everyone else who applies to us will use.

3. We assess the proposals.

We assess the applications against criteria set for each partnership programme and we work with independent advisors who help us make decisions across all of our funding programmes. Our advisors are experts from around the UK who specialise in different music genres.

We work with a broad range of advisors and we use a different mix for each of the decision rounds for our Funding opportunities and Partnership Programmes. This means we keep updating our knowledge about musicians and organisations who are doing great work and our decisions are always as well informed as possible.

4. We let all applicants know whether they have been successful or not.

For those who have been successful, we award them the money and they take part in the Partnership Programme – and outstanding new music follows!