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Rough Fields

Rough Fields, aka James Birchall, is an electro-acoustic composer and producer from Manchester. Working in this kind of music can mean a lot of time alone in front of a computer. PRSF funding this year will allow Rough Fields to expand this ‘bedroom studio’ approach to a full live act in order to tour the UK in support of his album ‘Edge of the Firelight’ on Bomb Shop records.

“As a solo project, it was always going to be tricky to translate the music to a live setting and arrange it for an ensemble,” explains James, “there are six band members, each playing multiple instruments, swapping instruments within pieces, looping sounds live [and] keeping track of everyone else’s loops…”

Although Rough Fields had been rehearsing and performing, it was becoming increasing apparent to James that in order to push things forward, play further afield, and take the performance into more unusual venues, Rough Fields would need financial support.

“Making that transition to a more active live project would be extremely difficult without the funding…It’s great to be able to get into a half-decent rehearsal studio and get a more realistic idea of how things are going to sound in a venue.”

Receiving the support from PRSF has meant a lot to James: “Aside from the financial help, it’s extremely encouraging to know that there are still organisations and bodies working to support the arts.” We’re happy to help.