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Composers who have received bursaries


Matthew Whiteside
Alastair Putt
Soosan Lolavar
Will Frampton
Steven Daverson
Ryan Latimer

Claire McKenzie
Jonathan Ouin
Jonathan Brigg
Helen Roe
Dani Howard
James Moriarty


Benjamin Tassie

The award supported a recording of If I Lay On My Back I saw Nothing But Naked Women.

“The music, for ‘cello and piano, was a collaboration with poet Jacqueline Saphra, and was a series of miniature pieces in response to her book of prose poems of the same name. Essentially the piece is interwoven readings of the poems, with the music sometimes underscoring, sometimes separate. The work was recorded by Corentin Chassard and Siwan Rhys, and is presently in the final stages of mastering. In 2016 the live incarnation of the work will go to various literary festivals. Last year it won the 2015 Saboteur Award for best collaborative work.”
Benjamin Tassie

Laurence Osborn

Laurence received the bursary to rehears and record a previously unperformed piece with EXAUDI.

“The piece, Chorus of Satellites, was a collaboration between myself and young poet Joseph Minden, and had been written in 2013. Joe and I are in the early stages of developing a song cycle based on Robert Hooke’s Micrographia for The Riot Ensemble, the performances of which are projected for Autumn 2016. We are also working with the British Antarctic Survey to develop a cross-disciplinary piece about the effects of climate change on Polar wildlife.
Both of these projects are ambitious in terms of scale and resources, and therefore both thought it essential to a) pick apart our previous collaboration in a laboratory context, and b) have a record of our previous work together in order to get a sense of what to do differently in the future. In providing the necessary means to record Chorus of Satellites with EXAUDI, the Bliss Trust/PRSF Composer Bursary facilitated the critical first stage of our long-term creative partnership.”
Laurence Osborn

Vikki Stone
Leo Grant
Patrick Brennan
Leo Geyer

Blanka Stachelek
Anna Braithwaite
Roberto Rusconi


Apostolos Charisis
Ben Gaunt
Danyal Dhondy
Gregory Emfietzis
James Welland
Jon Opstad
Luke Lewis
Nicola Renshaw
Stef Conner