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‘Listen To This’ by Squarepusher and Charles Hazlewood

Electronic artist Tom Jenkinson, aka Squarepusher, Charles Hazlewood and the Southbank Sinfonia are came together to create a thrilling musical hybrid. This is a collaborative project in both preparation and performance, which explores the fertile ground between Squarepusher’s high octane electronic dance music and the potential of an orchestra.

Tracks from Squarepusher’s cult album, ‘Ufabulum’, were the starting point for ‘Listen To This’. ‘Ufabulum’ is generated entirely from digital programming but for ‘Listen To This’ the music was acoustically produced by the musicians of Southbank Sinfonia and intensely amplified. The building blocks of electronic dance music will be applied across the immense tonal palette of the orchestra. Conducted by the irrepressible Charles Hazlewood, ‘Listen To This’ is a white-knuckle-ride of a performance bringing to life ‘Ufabulum’ with all the colour and power of the orchestra.

The premiere took place on Saturday 15 June at Fairfield Halls in Croydon.

‘Listen To This’ has been supported through PRS for Music Foundation’s funding for Organisations & Groups.